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No ImageFendt 828
Saturday 21st of September

  In September 2013 GBC purchased the new Fendt 828. This will join our large range of John Deere Tractors and also the Fendt 718 that joined the fleet late last year. This ... More Details...

End of a Era

In early March 2013, GBC reluctantly sold our John Deere 6850 forager. Bought brand new back in 2000, this forager helped the company grow, and  had many years of hassle free harvesting. As we are looking into the biggest Maize harvest to date, the need to update this machine was essential. She will be missed!

J.Deere 6850

On the positive side, GBC has purchased a CLAAS 890 forager, as the replacement. This machine will act as our back-up in support of our CLASS 960, as well as running a second crew throughout the season. A new Kemper maize head will be arriving soon.

Claas 890

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